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Green On®
Sugar beet

Fertilize sugar beet precisely with water-soluble and fully plant-available MicroGo chelates - for vital beets and a high sugar yield.

For more sugar from a powerful leaf apparatus

Green On® sugar beet is the micronutrient foliar fertilizer for efficient plant nutrition in beet cultivation. The highly effective foliar fertilizer optimizes the cultivation of sugar beet and fodder beet. It optimally supplies your beet with manganese, zinc and copper, which are bound as stable chelates with the amino acid glycine (MicroGo technology), as well as boron in a completely water-soluble formulation. As a result, all micronutrients are absorbed very quickly via the leaf and distributed in the plant so that they can develop their full effect. All ingredients in Green On® Sugar Beet are water-soluble and are 100 percent available to your beet so that it can achieve its maximum growth and yield potential.

And this is how your sugar beet benefits:

  • Promotes the rapid development of a vital and active leaf apparatus with high chlorophyll density.
  • Green On® with boron supports early development and prevents heart rot and dry rot.
  • Full effect of herbicide and insecticide treatment with optimized micronutrient supply.
  • Midday wilt is shortened and the plants recover more quickly in dry and hot weather.
  • The slower leaf ageing due to zinc saves assimilates for new leaf formation to the benefit of the beet body and sugar yield.

Green On® Sugar Beet is perfectly water-soluble and precisely tailored to the needs of sugar beet. With boron, it is the ideal mixing partner for tank mixtures for herbicide or insecticide treatment. This is because the full effect of the herbicides and insecticides is retained and is further optimized by the pH-reducing effect.

The result: more growth, vitality and yield.

(determined additional yield of 84 dt/ha and a market price of € 5.00/dt in an exact test. The adjusted sugar yield could be increased by up to + 13 %)

Effect – Combination is the key!

With Green On® sugar beet foliar fertilizer, you can help your beet to reach its full potential. This is made possible by the combination of manganese, boron, zinc and copper in conjunction with glycine.

In other words:

  • A good supply of manganese and zinc slows down leaf ageing and promotes a sustained high photosynthetic performance for the benefit of an increased sugar yield.
  • Boron supplies the young leaf tissue and prevents heart rot and dry rot.
  • The metabolism-activating glycine, together with nitrogen and sulphur from the formulation, promotes the rapid development of a powerful leaf apparatus as well as heat and drought stress tolerance.

Micronutrients in Green On® sugar beet

11,1 % Mn | 4,7 % B | 3,2 % Zn | 2,8 % Cu | 3,7 % N | 8,4 % S
Micronutrients chelated with glycine 

MicroGo technology

MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology.

Efficient in the field

More chlorophyll - more sugar
Green On® sugar beet helps to close the rows quickly and to develop the beet body with high photosynthetic activity. Due to the increased chlorophyll content and the sustained leaf vitality, the adjusted sugar yield in the exact test increases by up to 13% when treated twice with Green On® sugar beet.

Plants treated with Green On® sugar beet develop a strong leaf apparatus that remains vital even during midday wilt and drought stress.

The picture on the right shows a field after two applications of Green On® sugar beet in a tank mix with herbicide and fungicide treatment. In addition, the field was treated with a bacterial preparation and humic acid before row closure. The two fields shown here are close to each other.

FiBL listed

Green On® sugar beet is listed in the list of inputs for organic production in Germany. It has therefore also been tested for German production in accordance with the Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, Biokreis, Naturland and Demeter International standards.

Fertilizer recommendation for sugar beet

We recommend an early application (BBCH 14-18) of Green On® sugar beet together with the third NAK herbicide application to achieve the highest yield efficiency. Application at the end of the row (e.g. with fungicide application) also improves the heat and drought stress tolerance of your crop. The boron requirement at these times is covered with Green On®, an additional boron application according to good professional practice is recommended.

You can find more information about the product on our service page.

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