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Green On®

Control tuber weight, marketable yields and tuber set through precise foliar fertilization of potatoes with water-soluble and fully plant-available MicroGo chelates.  

Optimize tuber set and growth

Green On® Potato is the foliar fertilizer for efficient plant nutrition that optimally supplies the crop with the micronutrients manganese, zinc, copper and iron as stable chelates with the amino acid glycine (MicroGo technology). The completely water-soluble chelates are absorbed very quickly via the leaf and distributed in the plant so that they can develop their full effect. All ingredients of the water-soluble MicroGo chelates are fully available to the plant and support the potato plants in tuber formation.

And this is how your potatoes benefit:

  • Promotes the development of a vital leaf apparatus and high photosynthetic activity
  • Increases tuber weight and the number of tubers
  • Manganese and zinc support the fungicide effect
  • Delays the ageing of the leaf apparatus, particularly in the event of drought and heat stress
  • Supports the storage of starch in the tuber

Green On® Potato can be used for all types of production, such as seed potatoes, table potatoes, starch potatoes and processing potatoes. With its pH-reducing effect, Green On® Potato can be mixed very well with conventional crop protection products and also optimizes their effect.

The result: more growth, vitality and yield.

(calculated additional yield of 15 dt/ha and a market price of 30.00 €/dt for a 2-year exact trial)

Effect – Combination is the key!

Green On® Potato was developed as a foliar fertilizer in such a way that the potato plants are supplied with exactly the right micronutrients for their specific requirements and their development is optimally supported. The combination of the micronutrients manganese, zinc, copper, iron and metabolism-activating glycine makes all the difference. 

In detail, this means

  • Iron and glycine stimulate chlorophyll synthesis.
  • Manganese and zinc support the fungicide effect and maintain a vital leaf apparatus.
  • Zinc and copper delay the ageing of the leaf apparatus, especially under drought and heat stress.
  • Manganese increases the storage of starch in the tuber.

Micronutrients in Green On® potato

11,2 % Mn| 9,0 % Zn | 1,7 % Cu | 1,4 % Fe | 5,5 % N | 12,6 % S
Micronutrients chelated with glycine 

MicroGo technology

MicroGo chelates are precisely defined molecules of micronutrients chelated with the smallest amino acid glycine and a sulphur residue.
Find out more about our innovative MicroGo technology

Efficient in the field

Higher tuber weights with Green On®
Two-year precision trials confirm the effect of a Green On® potato treatment on increasing individual tuber weight even before the crop closes. The number of tubers is increased by the later treatment during tuber induction.  As a result, the overall marketable yield and grading of table potatoes were significantly increased.


Single application of Green On® Potato shortly after row closure (BBCH 35-39) in extreme heat in 2022 visibly promoted the vitality of the crop, leaves are erect. In comparison on control plot, crop more yellow, ripening further advanced and leaves lowered.

FiBL listed

Green On® Potato is listed in the list of inputs for organic production in Germany. This means that it has also been tested for German production in accordance with the Bioland, Demeter, Gäa, Biokreis, Naturland and Demeter International standards.

Fertilizer recommendation for potato

An application before row closure accelerates the development of a productive leaf apparatus. Application during tuber induction optimizes the number of tubers per plant.
The timing of Green On® Potato should be adjusted depending on the production target and the characteristics of the potato variety:

  • A late application increases the number of tubers.
  • A double application, early and late, is recommended for good table potatoes in the grading and more marketable goods.
  • Early application is most effective in promoting tuber size.
Intended use    
Application time  Application rate
Seed potato     Once late (BBCH 35 - 40) 750-1000 g/ha
(750-1000 ml/ha)
Table potato     Twice (BBCH 18 - 31 and BBCH 35 - 49)
Shortly before crop closure and end of tuber induction    
750 g/ha each time
(750 ml/ha each time)
Processing potato     Once early (BBCH 18 - 31)
Shortly before crop closure
1000 g/ha
(1000 ml/ha)
Starch potato Once early (BBCH 18 - 31)
Shortly before crop closure
1000 g/ha
(1000 ml/ha)


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